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Three, two, one…

It’s moments until midnight, and in HC world, that’s countdown to blast-off. In a mere matter of moments, Hungry City is going to be officially ‘published’. Of course I’ve had a copy of it for a few weeks now, and apparently people who ordered it on Amazon took unexpected delivery of their tomes yesterday – and my friend Lulu even emailed me yesterday to say she had seen (and bought) a rogue copy in her local Waterstone’s. That was enough to send me scuttling to WHQ in Piccadilly for my first official sighting, only to be disappointed – apparently the flagship store doesn’t haul out its wares prematurely. But I must admit that as a first-time author, I can’t wait to see a copy of HC out there ‘for real’ (hopefully with lots of people pawing it). The mere idea gives me goose-bumps. I realise that this may seem a tad OTT to some of you, for which I can only apologise. When you’ve spent the best part of seven years slaving over something like this, you tend to succumb to the odd excess of emotion. I just hope – really hope – that people will like it.

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