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Events 2021

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12th January 2021

Talk 'Sitopia: How Food Can Save the World'

Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses

13th January 2021

Talk 'Sitopia: How Food Can Save The World'

CUBE (Centre for Urban and Built Ecologies) /

21st January 2021

Table co-host

Oxford Food Symposium

26th January 2021

Private book club session

London School of Architects

27th January 2021

Private lecture

ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) Zurich

2nd February 2021

Private lecture for MSc Gastronomy course

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

4th February 2021

Talk about Sitopia

Fieldwork Book Club

5th February 2021

Keynote at Super Agro Conference, Montpelier

City of Montpelier

9th February 2021

Lecture at Master in Food Design

Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies, Lisbon

16th February 2021

Debate on the Future of Food Growing in Cities


18th February 2021

Private lecture

De Haagse Hogeschool (The Hague University of Applied Sciences)

22nd February 2021

Private lecture

UIMP (Menéndez Pelayo International University) Barcelona

25th February 2021


Fieldwork Book Club

3rd March 2021

Lecture on Sitopia and debate on the future of food with Sheila Dillon

Rothschild & Co Spring Conference 2021

23rd March 2021

Table co-host of discussion with David R. Montgomery and Anne Bikle

Oxford Symposium of Food and Cookery Kitchen Table

25th March 2021

Interview with Lars Erikson (in Danish)


25th March 2021

Floriade Dialogues Summit: Changemakers in Food

City of Almere, Netherlands

April 2021

Chapter in book 'Semillas. Somos la regeneración (Seeds. We are the regeneration)', eds. Vanesa Freixa and Cristina Camarena, Catalonia.

Savanna Books

1st April 2021

Private lecture at the Institute of Sustainability

Cambridge University

8th April 2021

Interview with Juliet Davenport

Great Green Questions podcast

9th April 2021

Interview: 'Food security: How can UK cities feed themselves?'

The Grocer

14th April 2021

Private lecture and debate

World Union of Wholesale Markets

17th April 2021

Interview with Enrico Franceschini (in Italian)

La Repubblica

21st April 2021

Talk: How to Feed Cities

Norman Foster Foundation 'On Cities' Masterclass

21st April 2021


Borough Market

22nd April 2021


and& Festival, Leuven

23rd April 2021

Interview for BCM Smart Rural (in Catalan)

Barcelona Smart Rural

May 2021

Interview in May 2021 edition

World Union of Wholesale Markets

17th May 2021

Live interview

Vitamine T, Flanders

19th May 2021

Talk, Rotterdam Urban Future

City of Rotterdam

24th May 2021

Interview with Elleke Bal (in Dutch)

De Trouw

30th May 2021

Interview with Anjli Vyas

Empty Plates podcast

2nd June 2021

Talk and debate with the Mayor of Stockholm

Food Tech, Stockholm

8th June 2021


Columbia University, New York

16th June 2021

Talk and debate

Urban Food Conference, Rotterdam

17th June 2021

Evening talk

Dublin Eat the Streets

23rd June 2021

Interview with Ellie Costigan

Jellied Eel

25th June 2021


World Union of Wholesale Markets

July 2021

Interview with Janno Lanjouw

Vrij Nederland

2nd July 2021

Keynote and workshop

Also Festival, Somerset

3rd July 2021

Interview with Mac van Dinther

De Volkskrant

6th July 2021


Mercabana University, Barcelona

7th July 2021

Article 'Food and the Future of Public Space'

CCCB Barcelona

9th-11th July 2021


Oxford Food Symposium

12th July 2021

Sitopia launch

SOL Association, Paris

20th July 2021


Oxford Food Symposium

6th September 2021


Madrid Technical University

7th September 2021


Hague Hotelschool

10th September 2021

Interview with Benny Debruyne (in Dutch)


15th September 2021

Keynote speech

2nd Biennial Conference on Food and Communication, Ljubljana

22nd-28th September 2021

Visiting researcher

Aeres University, Almere

27th September 2021

Interview with Ricardo Segura (in Spanish)


27th September 2021

Interview with Ricardo Segura (in Spanish)

El Papel Periódico

28th September 2021

Interview with Ricardo Segura (in Spanish)

Portal Ambiental

28th September 2021

Interview with Ricardo Segura (in Spanish)

Punto Medio

30th September 2021


Welsh School of Architecture

3rd October 2021

Interview with Ricardo Segura (in Spanish)


6th October 2021


Superilla Barcelona

9th October 2021

Talk at WWOOF Festival, Lyon

WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

12th October 2021

Talk at Paris Agri-Tech (launch of French Sitopia)

Paris Agri-Tech

14th October 2021


City Development Forum, Poznan

15th October 2021

Private lecture to English Dept, United States Naval Academy

United States Naval Academy

16th October 2021

Interview (in Spanish)

La Voz de Michoacán

18th October 2021


Food On The Edge' Conference

18th October 2021

Interview with Laure Coromines (in French)


22nd October 2021

Talk and debate

Food Sense Wales

29th October 2021

Talk and debate

Borough Market

2nd November 2021


Francis Holland School, London

2nd November 2021

Interview with Mar Calpena (in Spanish)

Politica e Prosa

3rd November 2021


3rd International Congress on Agricultural and Food Ethics, Ankara

4th November 2021


Sustainable Food Symposium, Maastricht

5th November 2021

Keynote, 3rd International Congress on Agricultural and Food Ethics

Target, Turkey

6th November 2021

Panellist at conference 'Carta de Santiago: Dialogues for a society of the future'

Cidade de Cultura

9th November 2021


Actualitat Valenciana

9th November 2021

Talk at 'Design for Planet' Festival

Design Council

10th November 2021

Keynote, Economy of the Future Conference

Corriere della Sera, Milan

11th November 2021

Keynote on 'Region'

Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA) Conference

13th November 2021


Night of Discoveries Conference, Leiden

16th November 2021

Keynote, Barcelona Smart City Expo

City of Barcelona

17th November 2021

Conversation with Mark Nelson, Co-founder of Biosphere 2

New School of the Anthropocene

17th November 2021

Conversation with Thrity Vakil, Institute of Ecotechnics

New School of the Anthropocene

20th November 2021

Interview with Ana González Liste

Praza, Galicia

24th November 2021

Discussion at launch event

Food Exeter

26th November 2021


New Rurality Forum, Valencia

9th December 2021


EPFL University, Zurich

28th December 2021

Interview with Nick Robinson

BBC Radio 4 'Today' programme (guest edited by James Rebanks)

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