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Here are links to video and audio recordings of Carolyn Steel including her TED talk in 2009. 

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Sitopia - the story behind the book

Podcast for Planet Pod

31st August 2020

Sitopia - a land with food at its centre

The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4

30th August 2020

Our Daily Bread

Interview for Big Book Festival, Warsaw, Poland

30th August 2020

Can food save the world?

Talk for the Flemish Green Party

29th August 2020

Five Memorable Meals

Interview with Simon Lewis for the Midnight Kitchen

21st August 2020

Sitopia: How Food Can Save the World

Interview with Marcus Smith for BYU Radio

4th August 2020

Movement: The Forgotten Ingredient

Webinar for The Chef's Manifesto

7th July 2020

Food Talks - how food can save the world

Interview and debate for Food Ethics Council

30th June 2020

The value of food

Debate for Ellen MacArthur Foundation

15th June 2020

Podcast for Inside Ideas

Interview with Marc Buckley for Inside Ideas

12th June 2020

Sitopia: Food as a Medium of Change

Webinar for Holy Tisch

10th June 2020

Podcast for Your London Legacy

Interview with Steven Lazarus for Your London Legacy

1st June 2020

5x15 Stories

Presentation for 5x15 Online

18th May 2020

Sitopia: How Food Can Save The World

Interview with Geoff Tansey of Food Systems Academy

15th May 2020

Our Relationship With Food

Podcast for Monocle's The Urbanist

7th May 2020

Sitopia: How Food Can Save The World

Interview with Miriam Plon Sauer of AKQA Copenhagen

May 2020

Can Technology Deliver A Sustainable Future?

Podcast for The London School of Economics

29th April 2020

Can Food Rebuild Our Communities?

Presentation for U+I Think

28th April 2020

Sitopia: Rebuilding Our Lives Through Food

Discussion with Sebastian Marot for Archizoom EPFL

24th April 2020

Sitopia: How Food Can Save The World Post Covid-19

Talk for The Architecture Foundation

22nd April 2020

Sitopia: Rethinking Our Lives Through Food

Webinar for Informed Cities foundation

6th April 2020

How Food Can Save The World

Talk for Food Hub Colleges

April 2020

How Food Shapes Our World

At A Distance podcast for The Slowdown

April 2020

A Review Of Our Food System

The Circular Economy Playbook podcast

April 2020

What Is A Good Life?

Talk given at a MAD Monday event in Copenhagen

31st October 2019

New Age Of Agriculture

Podcast for Food On Point


A Tale of Two Cities: Paris, London and the Political Power of Food

Talk given at the Oxford Food Symposium

14th July 2019

Future of Food

Talk and debate with Kees Christiaanse at the Youth Forum Switzerland

17th January 2019

Great British Chefs research 2018

Podcast with Ollie Lloyd of Great British Chefs for The Food Talk Show


Seeing the World Through Food

Film premiered at World Food Summit: Better Food for More People, Copenhagen

29th August 2018

The Power of Urbanization - urban population as driver for better food

Keynote speech at World Food Summit: Better Food for More People, Copenhagen

25th August 2017

How To Feed A City And Change The World

Talk for the Food Systems Academy


The Future of Food Markets

Interview with Sheila Dillon for BBC Radio 4's The Food Programme

January 2015

Sitopia: The Transformative Power of Food

Talk given at Chicago Ideas Week

18th October 2013

What Food Can Do

Talk given at What Design Can Do conference, Amsterdam

May 2013

How Does Food Shape Cities? 

Podcast for TED Radio Hour

10th May 2012

Sitopia - Shaping the World Through Food

Lecture at State of Design Festival, Melbourne

21st July 2011

Sitopia - How We Can Think Through Food

Talk given at TEDx Danubia, Budapest

25th March 2011

Deconstructing Dinner

TED Talks on Food with Jamie Oliver and Christien Meindertsma

14th October 2010

How Food Shapes Our Cities

Talk given at TED Global, Oxford

July 2009

Hungry Cities

Interview with Sheila Dillon for BBC Radio 4's The Food Programme

July 2008